What data you need to set your SEO strategy — Mordy Oberstein // SEMRush

Head of Communications at SEMrush, Mordy Oberstein, discusses how you can grow your business without reliance on paid media. When thinking about developing your SEO strategy, the first thing that comes to mind is data. And you want to get quality data from a reliable source. Today, Mordy talks about what data you need to set your SEO strategy.

Show Notes

  • 02:03
    The data you need to set an SEO strategy
    The type of data you would need for an SEO strategy is dependent on the type of business youre in and your business goals.
  • 04:05
    How to use data to set your SEO strategy
    If you already have data, use it to understand how Google perceives your brand and content and why.
  • 06:04
    Figuring out what content needs optimization
    Find out why you are ranking for some things and not others. Use tools like Google Search Console paired with an SEO platform to retrieve and analyze this data.
  • 08:11
    How SEO platforms can help you
    SEO platforms give you competitive ranking data for whats already working in your industry. Improve on that and outrank your competition.
  • 10:05
    How SEO tools help you strengthen ranking signals
    An SEO tool like SEMrush will evaluate your site before it goes live. This way you can make any necessary edits that would otherwise affect how crawla and ranks it.
  • 13:40
    Deciding on your content type
    Tools will help you to break down topics. But you have to get to know your customers and find out what they are expecting from you.
  • 16:59
    How to approach your SEO strategy
    Take a data-driven approach to your SEOstrategy. You are building a relationship both with your target audience as well as search engines.


  • "Data's always going to point you to a certain place. What you're going to do with it depends on your analytical ability." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • "Tools are never going to really be able to tell you who your audience is... what tools are really great at helping you understand is how to break down topics." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • "What you do and what Google does is a relationship. It's a back and forth. Use data to understand what's actually happening. How is Google relating to you?" - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

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