Overlap between Brand & SEO — Mordy Oberstein // SEMRush

Head of Communications at SEMrush, Mordy Oberstein, talks about growing your business without reliance on paid media. Marketers value a good click-through rate. But today, there is a valuable zero-click rank that gets you brand impressions instead of a visit to your website. Today, Mordy discusses the overlap between SEO and brand marketing.

Show Notes

  • 02:05
    The relationship between brand and SEO
    You can rank organically for highly competitive keywords. The big brands got there by building their brand reputation with search engines through SEO over time.
  • 05:50
    With the zero-click approach, Google is fulfilling the purpose of giving the user exactly what they want. So make sure you create content that answers specific questions.
  • 10:00
    The value in zero
    This can still count as a brand impression because youre ranking high on the first page. Topical relevance is the first step to getting Google to trust you.
  • 13:03
    The overlap between brand and SEO
    Ranking from a brand perspective is still a valuable place to be at. This means that Google trusts you and it sets you up for those click opportunities.


  • "Thinking about your website from a brand perspective keeps you honest. It keeps you on a trajectory that makes sense for your site and for your users and for everybody's health." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • "Our content is our brand because search engines are doing the same thing as users are. They're looking at your site. They're profiling your site..." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • "The only way you're going to offer that original specific content is by focusing on a brand kind of perspective as a brand, are we offering something of value as a brand?" - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • “Whereas 10 years ago, you wrote for search engines and you wrote for users. Now you're writing for users and search engines at the same time.” - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • “That zero click placement is a good signal. It might not have value for that specific keyword. but that means Google likes you. And that's incredibly important in SEO.” - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

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