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Daniel Moss, Co-Founder & Lead Strategist at We & Goliath, discusses strategies with innovative technology to create virtual experiences. While virtual events are a cost-effective way to reach your audience, engagement is most critical. Ultimately, we want these experiences to facilitate the sale of our products and our sponsors, while ensuring effective networking and participation. Today, Daniel talks about driving engagement when running your virtual events.

Show Notes

  • 02:26
    Driving engagement with virtual events
    Production should include a good host, prerecorded sessions, good graphics and video clips. Schedule enough time for attendees to network and participate through icebreakers, etc.
  • 04:15
    Virtual events and effective networking
    Themed table sessions should be scheduled to connect people for one-on-one conversations based on job title, etc. Ensure sponsors get enough value by scheduling time for expo booths.
  • 05:44
    Branded items and virtual event swag bags
    Find creative ways to integrate your brand into interactive sessions and distributed swag. Sponsor offers may include gear or promo codes, coupon codes, special offers for services.
  • 07:07
    Measuring the success of virtual events
    To track sales from the event, use dedicated tracking, through Google Analytics. Also, look at engagement with sponsor booths, sign ups, and CTA clicks.


  • "If you have an expert audience, they want to contribute, not only learn. Remember the importance and the joy of participation, and schedule that in." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "Schedule in at least one themed table session in a conference, then connect people based on their job title, description, topics of interest, for one-on-one conversations." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "If you're having interactive sessions, do something that people can show on screen. Emoji cards on Popsicle sticks is a really fun one that I've done before." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "If you are sending a mug with your logo, have everybody take a selfie and you've got 50 people in your zoom gallery view. That's a nice takeaway." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

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