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Daniel Moss, Co-Founder & Lead Strategist at We & Goliath, discusses strategies with innovative technology to create virtual experiences. In event marketing, an often overlooked component is effectively demonstrating your value proposition to your ideal customer profile. Serious thought must be given to what your event offers in terms of content, speakers, etc, and how these elements will positively impact their lives and careers. Today, Daniel talks about virtual event promotion.

Show Notes

  • 02:10
    How to do virtual event promotion
    In addition to in-person marketing, promote your event on all of your marketing channels. Make use of retargeting ads by putting a tracking pixel on the event landing page.
  • 04:03
    Ways to show your value proposition
    Consider your ideal customer profile, why theyd attend your event, and the best channels to reach them. Figure out what makes your event exclusive and consider invite-only events.
  • 06:26
    Effective event marketing channels
    While it depends on the audience, your email list is your biggest asset. Followed by email is Facebook and SMS. Content should focus on speakers, sponsors, and other event elements.
  • 07:40
    When to start marketing an event
    For paid events, promotion should be done months in advance, while free events need less promotion time. In the case of 100 or less attendees, two to four weeks of promotion is needed.
  • 11:02
    How to execute a virtual event
    Complete the run of show review with your team to ensure all members are comfortable with the plan and technology. Arrange notes, do rehearsals and practice transitions beforehand.


  • "You need to be showing your ads to people you know, who care. Putting a tracking pixel on your events landing page is one of the first steps in your marketing campaign." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "Ask yourself and your team what's the main reason that people really come to your event. How is it going to change them? Focus on that number one key thing throughout all your marketing." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "SMS is number one for some of our audiences and top three for others. Similar to Facebook messenger, SMS gets four times the engagement rate of an email." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "If you're looking to get thousands of people to your event, promote months in advance. If you're looking to get hundreds, then you need two to four weeks." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

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