Why marketers a re-prioritizing organic growth

Mordy Oberstein, head of Communications at SEMrush joins us for Organic Growth Week. Can you really grow your business without reliance on paid media? We’ve all heard the reviews that organic is so much better than PPC. So today, Mordy explains why marketers need to reprioritize organic growth.

Show Notes

  • 02:40
    Why marketers are choosing SEO over paid results
    Paid results do give you what you want right away. But more marketers are starting to understand the long-term benefits of organic results and how to rank organically.
  • 04:41
    Benefits or organic Growth
    PPC only allows you to focus on the quick conversion. But organic growth builds your brand reputation and customer relationships, too.
  • 06:54
    Cultivating your organic growth strategies
    Start working on organic growth as soon as possible. This gives you the time to build and nurture a connection with your audience.
  • 09:43
    Organic Growth VS PPC
    Nurturing organic growth sets you up for continuous rewards through customer advocacy and brand loyalty. But some areas just require PPC to get you that specific result.


  • "There's an inherent connection between a website and the search engine, as opposed to a website and social media." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • "The environment for growing organically is not that much of an uphill battle relative to what it might have seemed like in the past." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • "When you're running a PPC campaign, you're worried about getting your conversion. When you're working organically, you're very much focused on building the website..." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • “I would equate PPC to crack you, take a hit. You feel great. It's wonderful, but then you're done.” - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • “The best strongest businesses, the ones with the best bottom line, are built on organic growth... There's a blend of paid, but strong organic growth.” - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

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