Is your SEO working? — Mordy Oberstein // SEMRush

Mordy Oberstein, Head of Communications at SEMrush, wraps up Organic Growth week discussing organic growth. Being able to evaluate success is an important part of your business strategy. But organic growth can be difficult to track. Today, Mordy explains how you understand if your SEO and your organic growth channels are actually working.

Show Notes

  • 02:22
    Evaluating your organic growth strategies
    This will vary depending on your business. It all boils down to prioritizing and managing the different elements for the best results.
  • 05:24
    The SEO Value
    Think about the overall health of your online presence. Are you ranking for the right words, and getting crawled? The aim is to be visible.
  • 08:27
    Evaluating success when youre not just focused on SEO
    When people do more navigational searches for your brand, it means youve built up your brand reputation. That means people already know who you are.
  • 10:25
    How to attribute success with organic growth
    Dont approach organic growth looking for direct attribution. Its more about building peoples trust in your brand and spreading awareness.
  • 13:54
    Tracking organic growth VS PPC
    Its easier to directly track PPC. But while organic growth isnt always easy to track, theres a lot of long term benefit from it throughout your metrics.


  • "So ranking can be a false metric. Ranking is a medium to bring in traffic. Now traffic is also a false metric, unless you want to show traffic numbers." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • "When you're building up organic social, one of the things that will inevitably happen is people will search for you by brand name on Google." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • "When you grow organically, you have more clout, you have more weight, you have more influence. And that opens up a whole lot of new doors and new possibilities." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • “If you're looking for direct attribution, I think that's the wrong way to think about organic...” - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • “Think about your life. 99.9% of your decisions are intuitive. Don't be uncomfortable with intuition.” - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

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