Overlap between SEO & Social Media — Mordy Oberstein // SEMRush

Mordy Oberstein, Head of Communications at SEMrush, continues the conversation on how to grow your business without reliance on paid media. Organic growth isn’t just about SEO. Social media has a huge role in your organic growth strategy. Today, Mordy talks about the overlap between social media and SEO.

Show Notes

  • 02:16
    The relationship between content and social media
    Social media is a great way to get you content seen and shared. And in this way, you start building a presence online for Google to take note of.
  • 03:47
    The primary overlap between SEO and social media
    The aim of both SEO and social media is organic growth. Social media helps you do this by building a direct connection with your customers.
  • 06:16
    Figuring out what works
    Dont put all of your eggs in one basket. Outside of Googles constant updates, a lot of factors go into your page rank.
  • 08:32
    Building out your organic growth strategy
    Pace yourself and dont push too much with your content. Focus on quality over quantity.
  • 11:09
    How to use social in your strategy
    You need to understand how frequently you need to post on each social media site as this varies. And you want your content to seem natural so people are organically drawn to it.
  • 12:27
    How to approach social media as a growth channel
    Social media exists to facilitate conversations and each channel has its nuances. So dont focus too much on selling or linking to your website in every post.


  • "Organic growth, particularly on Google, is a very long-term game. Using social media as an outlet to get more immediate traction is a great way to get going..." - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • "...the center of organic growth is not the search engine optimization, but the center of organic growth is the content production." - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

  • "When you have a certain cadence and momentum, particularly in social media, that seeps out into other channels. And it's a great way to get momentum in new channels" - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • “When you think about organic growth, it is not just one channel. It's not just SEO as a channel. It's multiple different channels. It's your social syndication.” - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

  • “If you're pushing out 100 blogs a week, how good are those blog posts going to be? If people see you do that, they're going to say, oh, that can't be that great.” - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

  • “Not every social media post should have a link to your own site in it, or a link to your content. Google might put out posts that don't have a link in it.” - Mordy Oberstein, Head Of Communications, SEMrush

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