Voice Search Week: Voice’s Impact on SEO & Content Marketing // Courtney Cox Wakefield

This week we're rebroadcasting our conversation about one of the fastest rising technologies that's impacting content marketers: voice search with Courtney Cox Wakefield, who is the co-author of Voice Search: The New Search Engine and the Head of Consumer Digital Marketing at Children's Health Hospital, which is one of the top care facilities in the United States. In today's episode we talk about how voice search is impacting SEO and the content marketing industry.

Show Notes


  • The Impact Of Voice Search On Content Industry and SEO (03:10) There are two groups of people when it comes to this matter. One group believes that this technology is stealing their content and not giving them any traffic in return. It is not sending people to their websites where they can control the message. The other group sees the value in leveraging this technology. Both groups have some good points. I believe that some things that Google and other search engines for voice are doing are not necessarily the best for our businesses, but they are giving us a ton of value in return that we can leverage. In a lot of cases, I think it's worth it. This technology is particularly risky for eCommerce space. Amazon and Google will drive people to their products and if you're not there in their marketplace, you're going to lose. Voice Search Industry vs. SEO Industry (10:39) When it comes to the growth pace of the voice search industry, it reached 50 percent adoption in less than five years. That's faster than any other technology that came before. We as an industry are going to have to adopt voice faster than we were willing to adopt mobile or we're going to miss out. Comscore is predicting that 50 percent of all searches will happen via voice by 2020, and Gartner has predicted that 30 percent of all searches will be done via a screenless device by 2020. 

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