Voice Search Week: Amazon, Apple, or Google… Who wins? // Courtney Cox Wakefield

This week we're doing a deep dive into one of the fastest rising technologies that's impacting content marketers: voice search. Each day this week we're going to publish an episode that discusses what you need to know to build a voice-enabled marketing strategy. Joining us for Voice Search Week is Courtney Cox Wakefield, who is the co-author of Voice Search: The New Search Engine and the Head of Consumer Digital Marketing at Children's Health Hospital, which is one of the top care facilities in the United States. We began the week with a conversation about the current landscape of the voice search industry, and today we're going to focus on how the major players in the voice search industry are different and who's going to win.

Show Notes

  • The Voice Search Providers And Companies That Are Doing a Great Job In Voice Search Industry (03:30)
    The three big players are Amazon, Apple, and Google. Microsoft also has Cortana, but it is not as used as the previous three. There are also some big emerging players in this field, but they are not as famous as they operate in a B2B space.

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