Voice Search Week: Amazon, Apple, or Google… Who Wins? // Courtney Cox Wakefield

This week we're rebroadcasting our conversation about one of the fastest rising technologies that's impacting content marketers: voice search with Courtney Cox Wakefield, who is the co-author of Voice Search: The New Search Engine and the Head of Consumer Digital Marketing at Children's Health Hospital, which is one of the top care facilities in the United States. Today we're going to focus on how the major players in the voice search industry are different and who's going to win.

Show Notes


  • The Voice Search Providers And Companies That Are Doing a Great Job In Voice Search Industry (03:30) The three big players are Amazon, Apple, and Google. Microsoft also has Cortana, but it is not as used as the previous three. There are also some big emerging players in this field, but they are not as famous as they operate in a B2B space. For example, there are some products which were specifically built for healthcare providers and they work with the electronic medical record system. This means that doctors are also able to use that voice technology.Amazon is also trying to leverage this and they are working on their own B2B product called Alexa For Business. They are trying to enter into hospitals, schools, and other businesses to create better experiences for customers. Amazon, Google, Apple - Who’s Gonna Win? (05:30) It’s hard to say but Apple is too far behind to win. They came in with Siri but their Apple Home Pod has been a flop and it’s very important to have that in-home piece to dominate in the market. Their sales have been a flop, mainly because their voice search products came later in the market. They weren’t one of those early adaptors of the technology and they missed out on that because many of us have already filled our homes with Alexa devices. Apple also doesn’t have two major things that Google and Amazon have. Google has the ability to pull in all of that rich search information about us and Amazon has that consumer data about you from all of your shopping. Also, Siri just provides Google search results instead of giving a real answer and that’s not what people want. People want to interact with this technology. In general, I’d say that Amazon is on the top right now because they are leveraging the best of both worlds. However, it still remains to be seen who will win this war. Other Players In The Voice Search Industry (12:40) Those are definitely the big three. There are other thought leaders on this technology such as Voice First FM - they have several podcasts about the technology and they always have interesting people on them. I recommend you check them out.

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