Unifying & Activating your customer data — Josh Francia // Blueshift

Josh Francia, the Chief Growth Officer at Blueshift is back for day 2 of Connected Data Week. How can you use multiple data sources to improve personalization in your marketing strategy? A major step is using segmentation levels and real time triggers to better serve customers. Today, Josh talks about unifying and activating customer data.

Show Notes

  • 03:00
    Centralizing and activating new client data
    This is dependent on the amount and the relevance of the data collected. Knowing how you want to use the data reduces the data activation time.
  • 05:08
    Problems people face
    Making sure the data is accurate and clean. CDPs can track anonymous behaviours but these need to be linked to a central point to realize actual customer data.
  • 06:41
    Identifying the user
    CDPs track user activity from anonymity to the point of identification. Collected data points are linked together to convert anonymous behavior to known behaviour.
  • 08:24
    Integrating data points successfully
    CDPs give priority to customer data over channel level data. This allows for otherwise separate data points to be linked seamlessly to create a unique customer record.
  • 10:41
    Driving business through collected data
    Segmentation levels allow businesses to accomplish more with the data they have collected.
  • 12:04
    Levels of segmentation
    The beauty of segmentation lies in its applications. It offers the flexibility of varied filtering options to get the clearest picture of the customer journey.
  • 14:00
    Improving buyer journeys
    Real-time event triggers account for customer behaviours and preferences. This way businesses can communicate with customers through the right channels.


  • "Every CDP can track anonymous behavior, but it's anonymous based on a certain anonymous key that usually the company creates or the CDP creates themselves." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • "CDPs allow businesses to take one level up and say, don't worry about your channel level data. Look at your customer data." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • "You can segment data attributes you have in the CDP. And you can group and nest and do all sorts of things all without any code..." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • “CDPs are custom built for speed and flexibility… These segments are always updated so you can build event journeys based on those segments.” - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • “It's about consolidating your data sources to have a unified view of the customer. Then you could use that to understand their behavior in an omni-channel experience.” - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

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