Omnichannel experiences that drive loyalty — Josh Francia // Blueshift

Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer at Blueshift expounds on omni channel experiences that drive customer loyalty. Connecting customer data across multiple channels helps brands to influence customer behaviour. And in effect win their loyalty. Today, Josh gets into the best ways to use omni channel experiences to build customer loyalty.

Show Notes

  • 02:51
    Managing omni channel experiences to drive customer loyalty
    Many companies struggle to break away from single and multichannel usage. The key to success is to use data across multiple channels to influence customer behaviour.
  • 05:38
    How omni channel experiences encourage customer loyalty
    Brands can secure customer loyalty by consolidating customer data in a relevant manner. Customers prefer to be remembered and pick up right where they left off.
  • 09:16
    Running loyalty specific campaigns using CDPs
    Companies want to keep customers engaged outside of transactions. Do this by recommending complimentary products, content, and services.
  • 11:44
    Non marketing functions driving customer loyalty
    Outside of selling to your customer you want every interaction with the brand to be positive. This means reporting a support issue should be just as seamless as making a purchase.


  • "Omni channel is saying multiple channels, same experience, connected data across all of them." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • "As customers, we don't interact with brands and think of channels. We interact with the brand as an entity, regardless of the channel used to communicate with them." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • "With smart hub CDPs, when a phone number comes in, it can call the CDP and pull up the last 20 emails. And that agent can be very intelligent talking to the customers" - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • “So anytime they're experiencing your product, that's an opportunity for you as a brand, to have a positive impact on them and increase your engagement and loyalty” - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

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