The value of CDPs & connected data

\Josh Francia is the Chief Growth Officer at Blueshift. For Connected Data Week, Josh discusses how you can use multiple data sources together to better personalize your marketing. Ultimately, it all boils down to user experience. Today, Josh talks about the value of CDPs and connected data.

Show Notes

  • 02:21
    Defining CDPs
    CDPs are either Traditional or Smart Hub. Traditional CDPs are more focused on customer data while Smart Hub CDPs focus more on activation.
  • 04:35
    Choosing the right CDP for your business
    The best fit is dependent on business needs. Traditional CDPs work best for data management while data activation requires Smart Hub CDPs.
  • 06:42
    Evaluating the impact of Smart Hub CDPs on data utility
    Smart Hub CDPs help to remove the barriers of access to first party data. The AI aspect of Smart Hub CDPs allows businesses to market more efficiently.
  • 09:56
    Why you should personalize the experience
    Customers expect personalization. Businesses that acknowledge the demand for personalization on an individual level perform better.
  • 12:14
    The relevance of Smart Hub CDPs in smaller businesses
    Smart Hub CDPs use connected data to guide personalization. Thus allowing businesses to determine and better serve the needs of their target markets.


  • "Pure play traditional CDPs are ones that essentially are one step better than, kind of, tag managers." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • "Smart hub CDPs are really focused on activation… Instead of that data routing layer, they actually have an orchestration layer." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • "When it comes to CDPs, sometimes it's not necessarily one or the other, but I think generally speaking it's what you are trying to accomplish." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • “A smart component of Smart Hub CDPs is this AI component that can become super valuable for marketers to lead them and answer the four W's of AI marketing.” - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • “The four W's of AI marketing is who to target, what to recommend, when to message them, and where they're going to be most receptive, what channel.” - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • “As you get bigger as an organization, you need to get more personalized and in certain industries, customers expect personalization.” - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

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