Delivering relevant product recommendations — Josh Francia // Blueshift

Chief Growth Officer at Blueshift, Josh Francia continues the conversation about the value of CDPs. Your interaction with your customers should be personal. That’s how you’re going to make the most impact and build meaningful relationships. Today, Josh explores merchandising and delivering relevant product recommendations using Smart Hub CDPs.

Show Notes

  • 02:47
    Using Smart Hub CDPs product recommendations and merchandising
    Smart Hub CDPs pair real time product knowledge with relevant customer data points to provide personalized recommendations.
  • 04:17
    Using data points to make personalized recommendations
    Having a lot of data requires the help of AI. AI ranking connects the various data points and streamlines them to suggest personalized product recommendations.
  • 06:26
    AI versus marketers
    While AI takes care of the bulk data processing, it does not know the business. Marketers are still required to work alongside AI to deliver personalized customer experiences.
  • 07:58
    Using AI with small volumes of data
    Propensity type scoring models require certain amounts of data to work well. For example companies with smaller amounts work well with higher propensity events.
  • 09:29
    Delivering a personalized customer experience to new customers
    As companies become more personalized they can use collaborative filtering of similar profiles to determine how to personalize recommendations for new users.
  • 10:30
    Campaign creation using Smart Hub CDPs
    Most companies using a Smart Hub CPD save about 50 hours per week. Leveraging AI against multiple data collection channels means that businesses can focus more on productivity and efficiency.


  • "Smart Hub CDPs grab all of your product information and real-time updates… And they can use that information to influence the purchasing behaviors of different people." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • "When you have a lot of data, you need a lot of help from AI to help sort through that data. And that's the benefit of collaborative filtering..." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • "The AI will help do a lot of the heavy lifting for you that you can't do by yourself, but it does not know your business as well as you do." - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • “We don't believe in rogue AI that just runs everything without any guidance. It's a tool you can use to better make your experiences more relevant to your customers.” - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • “There needs to be enough data for certain AI models to make sense. And those are mostly around propensity type scoring models.” - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

  • “Most companies we work with save about 50 hours a week using a smart hub CDP versus multiple channels and marketing platforms to accomplish the same thing.” - Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

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