Channels that dip in the summer? — Pamela Bump // Hubspot

Senior manager of audience growth at Hubspot, Pamela Bump, is back for day 2 of Summer Slump Week. As you’ve already noticed, marketing can be seasonal. So something that works in the winter, might not necessarily work the same way in the summer months. Today, Pamela talks about what marketing channels dip during the summer.

Show Notes

  • 01:59
    Marketing channels that dip during the summer
    Organic, email marketing search usually dips throughout the summer months. In fact, the same can be said around any holiday period.
  • 05:12
    The metrics that decrease in the summer
    In email marketing, open rates go down during the summer as people are unplugging. And when they do open the emails, theres also a low CTR.
  • 06:45
    What your declining metrics might mean
    A low open rate may mean that people are not in the mood for business interactions. A low CTR could be pointing to either a content issue.
  • 07:32
    Marketing activities that struggle in the summer months
    Professional and educational events dont do well in the summer. People pay more attention to leisure at this time.
  • 09:10
    Marketing strategies to avoid during the summer months
    You want to avoid paid advertising in the summer months if youre pushing out business content. The same applies if you offer business services at a physical store.


  • "There are definite seasonality trends with different channels. One in particular is organic search… You're going to see people searching different things." - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

  • "Open rates are usually the red flag that our subject lines arent doing the job to pull people in, or there might be a seasonal issue... " - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

  • "If you're pushing out content, that's business oriented to an audience that is focused on summer content, you might not have as much of an ROI..." - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

  • “When people open your email and your click through rate is so low, that might be a sign that the content you're sending them is really not relevant...” - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

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