How to keep your job on vacation — Pamela Bump // Hubspot

Pamela Bump, Senior manager of audience growth at Hubspot, continues the conversation about marketing in the summer months. Summer is the time when a lot of people unwind and recharge. As a marketer, though, how can you make sure that you also get this time to relax without negative business effects. Today, Pamela talks about how to keep your jobs while taking vacation in the summer.

Show Notes

  • 02:12
    Keeping your job as a marketer while youre on vacation
    Plan for your vacations and communicate this clearly with your team. While some processes may be automated, its a good idea to still leave someone in charge.
  • 04:57
    Troubleshooting when youre out of pocket
    Create an out-of-office plan and share this with your team. Emergencies do happen but leave someone in charge while youre away.
  • 07:47
    Letting your team grow when youre out of office
    You should be able to be unavailable for your vacation. You should be able to trust your team to make the right decisions.Look at it as their chance to grow.
  • 08:50
    Communicating seasonal slumps to your leadership
    If you have the data to show that the slumps are seasonal, create a presentation to explain this to your leaders. Assess the situation and show how you are prepared to handle it.
  • 11:44
    The importance of taking a break
    Everyone needs time to recharge, including marketers. Just make sure that you leave the necessary measures in place to keep everything going while youre away.


  • "One of the things I've had to do as I've grown as a manager is learn when to ask for help. And when you're taking that time off, it's very important to ask for what you need." - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

  • "When you're on vacation, this is the time to allow your team to grow, to have responsibility, to make decisions right or wrong." - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

  • "Letting your team grow and make mistakes during this low traffic time is very important. And I think that is something that you do want to explain to your leadership." - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

  • “It's important to think of the summer, not only as a time for you to work on the infrastructure projects, but also to get some time away for yourself to recharge.” - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

  • “When you return from time off, its a great time, as a manager, to figure out why the problem happened and get feedback from your team.” - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

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