Seasonal marketing recalibration — Pamela Bump // Hubspot

Pamela Bump, Senior manager of audience growth at Hubspot, discusses marketing in the summer months. If you’re not in the travelling and leisure sector, then you most likely experience the summer slump. Do you just stop marketing at this time? Today, Pamela talks about how to recalibrate your marketing based on seasonality.

Show Notes

  • 02:04
    Recalibrating in the summer months if youre still working
    If youre having a slump, dont panic. Take this time to recalibrate and strategize. Now is the time to audit your marketing strategies and channels.
  • 06:30
    Experimentation in the summer months
    Use this time to work on the business. Get your team involved in experimentation with your content or campaigns.
  • 07:56
    Creating a content plan
    Plan your content ahead of time. This way you will have a guide for what to publish and this can be useful in a slump. You can create your plans quarterly or even annually.
  • 09:46
    Balancing your resource allocation
    Focus 50% on what you know already works and 30% on process and strategy. The other 20% can go to experimentation. Your experiments should be based on solving a problem.
  • 12:15
    The value of the summer slump
    Outside of travel and leisure, most businesses fall into the summer slump. This is the best time to build up your content and bank them for the rest of the year.


  • "One of the things that people can mistakenly do when they're seeing that they're having a slump is panic and say, we need to do everything 150%." - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

  • "Focus on optimizing your content for organic because even though organic might not be doing well at a certain point, organic is built up on building authority and rankings over time." - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

  • "In the summer, if you're not seeing the type of demand that you normally would its time to start working, not necessarily in the business, but on the business." - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

  • “I definitely like the idea of 80% focused on what works and 20% focused on experimentation...” - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

  • “In summer you might say probably 20% of experiments, maybe 50% of what you know works. And the remainder you focus on process and strategy.” - Pamela Bump, Snr Manager Of Audience Growth, Hubspot

  • “During the summer months when you're not primarily focused or not solely focused on driving business results is your time to think about infrastructure.” - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

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