Scoring an industry using mental models — Kyle Williams // Brickstack

Kyle Williams, Founder of Brickstack, discusses go-to-market strategies with guest-host Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder of Blueprint. Marketing comes with its own set of challenges and one that stands out is clearly demonstrating to prospects the problems we solve. There’s also the process of identifying whether these prospects are a good fit for our services. Today, Kyle talks about pain scoring case studies.

Show Notes

  • 06:14
    Indications of launch planning issues
    Does their website, messaging, pricing, channels and value proposition align with prospects? These indicators help determine whether theyre struggling with awareness or growth.
  • 07:31
    Launch management challenges
    Look at what theyve already established to identify gaps and challenges in processes. They could be struggling to manage those processes and that is where youre able to fit in.
  • 09:38
    How to quantify a business pain
    To determine their potential, look at the overall traffic they receive. Your messaging should map out where their biggest tensions are and how theyve tried to solve them.
  • 10:55
    Bringing a unique perspective to market
    Ultimately, its about combining your company's expertise with industry data to generate value insights for prospects. And this process can be templatized for scale.
  • 12:54
    Determining whether a business is a good fit for you
    Focus on prospects with problems that you can provide a comprehensive solution to. Your strategy has to be rooted in the pain that your market experiences.


  • "Often, a challenge that we have when we're doing go-to-market is to not be so myopic on the specific problem we solve. But, to look at how this fits into the customer's environment." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "We have a community and a blog, but we only had six posts in the last year. So there's an attempt, but we're struggling. And that hints towards the management of the process making it challenging." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "There's a huge difference between the pricing page and the community page. And that might tell you something about the dynamics of how people are interacting with their brand today." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "These failed experiments, the podcast that only has three episodes, tell us where we tried to relieve the tension and it didn't solve our problem." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "If I look at 1000 brands that are doing something similar, I can benchmark them and compare them. Now, I've got an insight." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "Where those two come together, the experience your customer is having with your unique insight, is where youre being strategic and not just trying to get someone's attention so in hopes they'll reply." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "Look for patterns that show up in your customer base so that we're back testing and confirming that these do show up organically in the market." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

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