Market Pain Scoring — Kyle Williams // Brickstack

Kyle Williams, Founder of Brickstack, discusses go-to-market strategies with guest-host Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder of Blueprint. When outbound teams spend more time doing research than talking to prospects, they miss out on big accounts. Scoring the market beforehand means sales and marketing teams can focus on speaking to the right customers. Today, Kyle talks about market pain scoring.

Show Notes

  • 02:02
    How to approach market pain scoring
    Pre-scoring the market helps to determine who is in pain currently. SDRs can spend less time researching because they know who they should be talking to and what to say to them.
  • 03:06
    SDR prospecting challenges
    SDRs spend a lot of time researching prospects. Leaving them with limited time to have conversations with these prospects and produce insights based on prospect pain points.
  • 04:15
    How prescoring helps SDRs
    SDRs go into conversations with prospects knowing what their problems are. So, they can provide more relevant insights and helpful solutions to prospects
  • 05:35
    How to scale pain scoring
    Profile the market to identify best fit accounts and their pains. Score them to obtain account value and segment them into buckets based on existing customers.
  • 09:14
    Effects of building better mental models
    ROI increases as sales and marketing teams spend more time focusing on the right prospects with the right messages. And these interactions help to refine the companys mental models.
  • 10:36
    Picking the right mental model
    When youve identified a prospects relevance and their pain, you know how to engage them in a relevant way. And the feedback from prospects helps to improve targeting and messaging.


  • "Pain scoring is about mapping your company's unique understanding, perspective, mental models, and heuristics to your market. Instead of just looking for who might give you money." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "About half of SDRs time is spent on research. But, that doesn't translate in how they're talking to prospects because they spent 80% of their time prospecting, and only have 20% left to say something." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "What we do with pain scoring is move from a world where you don't have to satisfice. You don't have to make as many of those tradeoffs because we pre-look for the exact pain that someone might be in." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "Show up with helpful advice that says, looks like you just made this change, which means you might be thinking about X, and our last 50 customers who dealt with X saw Y. Do you want to chat?" -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "If you're picking the right mental models, they should be relevant to you and to the prospect. By thinking about who is relevant and why, and what those mental models are, you get the messaging." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

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