GTM SasS Hot Takes — Kyle Williams // Brickstack

Kyle Williams, Founder of Brickstack, discusses go-to-market strategies with guest-host Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder of Blueprint. What your best SDR or AE notices may indeed be very painful, for your prospects. But, it may only happen frequently and not be worth the investment. Today, Kyle talks about partner management tools.

Show Notes

  • 02:37
    Partner management tools
    Partner management tools help businesses find, train, and maintain relationships with partners. They also provide go-to-market assistance.
  • 04:10
    PartnerStack is an all-in-one partnership platform. It drives revenue for SaaS businesses and their partners by helping them find partners and maintain them.
  • 04:35
    Allbound helps companies grow revenue through channel partners. Their partner relationship management software digitizes the entire partner lifecycle.
  • 05:20
    Crossbeam is a partner ecosystem platform helping companies build valuable partnerships. Their free account mapping tools indicate how they think about helping existing customers.
  • 06:21
    Affiliate partner marketplace manages traditional affiliate, influencer, B2B partnerships, etc. It lets you tap into the massive potential of the partnership economy.
  • 08:16
    Hot take for PartnerStack and Allbound
    Look at latent and direct partnerships and partners showing up often across the board. Also, figure out whether businesses have a partner onboarding or maintenance problem.
  • 11:45
    Quantification and messaging
    Vertical quantification can be done just by observation of an account. Horizontal quantification involves customer pains youve solved in the past.


  • "PartnerStack and Allbound are going after similar audiences. I would look at who has a partner ecosystem, who is investing in partnerships today, and to what extent." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "We've built a lot of infrastructure at Brickstack that allows us to do large-scale intelligence, to be able to understand and navigate the web very closely to how your best AE might analyze an account." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "For people who use Crossbeam for each partner, it's worth X percent leads. You're missing out on 20% of your leads instead of going through a partner and having better success." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "You can quantify both the value of a partner overlap and the frequency of a missed partner overlap." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "Quantify by looking vertically, the breadth of observations you can make across a specific account. And horizontally by looking at the market based on the pain your customers have solved in the past." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

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