GTM Hot Takes for Partner Management — Kyle Williams // Brickstack

Kyle Williams, Founder of Brickstack, discusses go-to-market strategies with guest-host Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder of Blueprint. Marketing messages are changing constantly. In response, several companies are providing the technology to make these processes easier and faster for users. Today, Kyle talks about go-to-market hot takes for,, and Webflow.

Show Notes

  • 02:37
    What Vendr does
    Vendr helps companies save on SaaS procurement. And their offerings are bucketed by the amount these companies spend on technology.
  • 04:09
    How Vendr could determine a companys SaaS spend
    External signals can be used to determine the number of tools their prospects are using. Compare the assumed tech spend, web traffic, and number of employees to existing customers.
  • 07:53
    What Hopin does
    Hopin helps companies that arent natively tech, create tech company experiences for their audiences. And they offer starter, growth, and enterprise packages.
  • 09:15
    Hopins potential buckets of pain
    Prospects would be those entities investing in events. Essentially, its about getting an understanding of the tools theyre using and how complex their system is.
  • 11:36
    Website traffic patterns as a guide for messaging
    Quantify potential for drop offs in the market by comparing homepage traffic to event page traffic. If the experience is missing cohesiveness, customers will have trouble staying engaged.
  • 13:26
    What Webflow does
    Webflow targets WordPress site users who are constantly increasing the number of products they sell. They ensure that the right messaging and content is provided to your users.


  • "If we know how many tools you have, we can make a best guess at how much you're spending. And, we can know whether we're talking about starter, growth, or enterprise and how to align." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "If I see that Salesforce and Pardot show up on your website for web forms. And you have 200 employees, I can make an assumption about what your Salesforce spend is." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

  • "People are trying to stay engaged with your brand. But, you're sending them to a bunch of different places, which leads to X percent drop off and you could be getting Y percent uplift." -Kyle Williams, Founder, Brickstack

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