Hubspot’s plans to scale it Podcast network — Kieran Flanagan // Hubspot

Kieran Flanagan, senior vice president of marketing wraps up his week-long chat with Ben the Hubspot Podcast Network. Today, Ben and Kieran talk about Hubspot’s plan for the podcast network going forward. As an expert at scaling business marketing solutions, how will Hubspot scale the podcast network? Kieran gets into detail about what’s the next step for growth after launch.

Show Notes


  • “So for us, I think we will listen to hear how our audience feels about it. We'll take a gauge and talk to them and see how valuable it's been. We've talked to the creators and see how valuable they find that and get some feedback from them.”

  • “I think the first part of that is the merchandising of ideas. Since this is something I'm inherently very passionate about, which is when you have a true media offering, it means you have media available across all of these different mediums.”

  • “So we get X value through exposure and we get value through working with these creators. And I think we get valued by our audience, knowing that there's a place that they can go where they can get the content they want, either from HubSpot or from the creators that are helping them to unlock their next phase of growth, help them overcome their most difficult problems.”

  • “hopefully one of the benefits is we will have to create content that's bespoke for those podcasters. So if you were creating something on marketing and we could create a data report for you, then it's a win-win because we get to have that content on your show and you get something that's hopefully valuable for the topic that you're discussing.”

  • “Obviously YouTube has been around for a long time, but I do think that there's sort of endless opportunities for growth on YouTube to me.”

  • “we want to make sure that you can consume the content, but then you can interact with other people who are consuming that content and talk to them about the things you're trying to solve.”

  • “I think that there's also a real human approach where everybody that I've worked with in helping build the podcast network, they're just regular people. You know, I think of HubSpot as this large organization, this publicly traded company, this sort of pillar of marketing and MarTech. And then everybody that I've talked with in the organization is just a nice person.”

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