Hubspot’s Marketing Strategies — Kieran Flanagan // Hubspot

Kieran Flanagan, senior vice president of marketing at Hubspot drops in for Hubspot Marketing Week with Ben. Today, Ben and Kieran talk about Hubspot's marketing and content plan. Your marketing strategy can be even more effective if you have the right team behind you. Kieran gets into detail about the different business services that Hubspot supports and their evolution throughout the years.

Show Notes


  • “I think HubSpot really is the kind of CRM for scaling companies. That's how we think of ourselves. And that really is anywhere from small to medium to large companies.”

  • “I feel like we're trying to be the platform for this new generation of companies who are growing and scaling and HubSpot can give you part of what you need, whether that's the marketing part, the sales part, the success part, the CRM, or we can provide you, as you said, the kind of brain for your business to be able to scale in that way.”

  • “It actually fosters good team design and good collaboration because everyone is using the same product.”

  • “A lot of our customers come in, either through the free products, a lot of our customers start with free. And that is kind of whether you're a small company and you want to use those free features to start to grow your company, or whether you're a large company who wants to use those free features to try to demo the product. That's where a lot of our customers start.”

  • “So historically, what HubSpot did was create a large content offering that helped to educate people, whether you were trying to educate yourself on problems that helped solve problems within your career or started to unblock those problems through software.”

  • “Our version of outbound is marketed into our own database that we own. So we inherently think that it's more advantageous to own the audience versus rent, the audience.”

  • “I think that your business model dictates what your marketing strategy should be and your marketing strategies and your business model are dictated by who the customer is you're trying to reach.”

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