Behind the scenes of Hubspot’s Podcast Network launch — Kieran Flanagan // Hubspot

Kieran Flanagan, senior vice president of marketing shares with Ben what really goes into creating the Hubspot Podcast Network. The podcast network is a platform for creators to come together to provide educational content through a sponsorship model. What is the step by step formula that Hubspot used to put together this collaborative effort? Ben and Kieran talk about some of the behind the scenes creation details of the podcast network.

Show Notes


  • “I think about the buy, build, collaborate. This was a great example of where we could see that that's the, our job is to create some of these things and to collaborate with great creators, to provide some of these things for our audience.”

  • “... there's no reason why I wouldn't do this. It's gonna help me grow the show. I still own it. I still get, make all the editorial decisions and I get to work with all these other great people.”

  • “The thing that we were most nervous about, when we started to work with creators, is they think that we want to own the editorial. We don't.”

  • “If we know what all of these creators are created and we can create bespoke content for those shows.”

  • “We tried to not make it seem like we were going to step all over how they did their thing, how they put together the editorial. We want it to try to add value to it, not ruin the way that they did their shows.”

  • “... every kind of quarter, we want something exciting to launch that moves us towards that vision. And it's all going to be under the umbrella of this kind of education, inspiration for business builders. And it's going to be things that either Hubspot creates or we collaborate with great creators to create.”

  • “I think the consistent launch of things, there is some amount of that all press is good press. And so people are speaking about this… But the consistent launch is more because we have such conviction about this.”

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