Why Hubspot is building a podcast network — Kieran Flanagan // Hubspot

Kieran Flanagan, senior vice president of marketing talks with Ben about how Hubspot is now engaging in the audio medium. Hubspot is creating a podcast network and the MarTech Podcast is part of that network. Today, Ben and Kieran get into detail about why Hubspot is creating a podcast network. What exactly is the Hubspot Podcast Network?

Show Notes


  • “So I think education is fundamentally a big part of how software companies can be successful. It helps you to get in front of your customers when they're kind of searching for things, but there's a whole other side of your audience that are kind of in this inspiration bucket.”

  • “So for us, we kind of want to be the premier source of education and inspiration for business builders.”

  • “So I think audio is a great medium to tell stories. I think it's a great medium to expose our audience to great creators, like some channels suit brands. And I think a map to brands being successful there.”

  • “And I think podcasts are inherently content that suits creators versus brands.”

  • “I think there's three ways that we can create media and that's really, we kind of build, we can buy or we can collaborate. So for us, how we make those decisions is on a case by case basis. What we do believe is if we truly want to be the premier source of education and inspiration for business builders, we need to have great relationships with creators.”

  • “I think the creator as part of this network, as you know, are going to be able to talk about their shows and other shows like podcasts that are really difficult to discover.”

  • “And even in our paid effort, what we're doing is we're buying audio ads on other podcasts. The way to grow in this medium is to be active in the medium is to have your content heard in other places or have people share your content.”

  • “I think everything does start with a clear and coherent mission. And if we want to be the destination of education, inspiration for business builders, that is not a thing that we can do on our own.”

  • “I don't think we can be the media offering for that business builder, unless we actually have a really great environment where creators want to work with us and provide them the mechanics to be able to do that. And I think the network is one of those ways.”

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