Content’s role in marketing Hubspot — Kieran Flanagan // Hubspot

Kieran Flanagan, senior vice president of marketing talks with Ben about the role that content plays in Hubspot’s marketing effort. Hubspot creates an environment that facilitates collaboration among all of your teams. Today, Ben and Kieran discuss how Hubspot approaches content creation. With a content-centric approach to marketing, how do you decide on your content mix?

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  • “HubSpot content has traditionally focused on education. Education is inherently mapped to search. Like people are trying to search for problems they have or solutions that they have. They're trying to search for education that they need.”

  • “I think the difference between good content and great content is vast. And I think the companies who can harness an environment where you can create great content is a huge differentiation in the market and something that is very hard for other brands to displace and catch.”

  • “We're kind of still talking about the educational media approach. And we haven't got into inspiration, the kind of company we bought the hustle to accelerate our growth there. On the education side, what we try to do is we have internal analysts to help us spec out the right places to create content and the right questions to answer.”

  • “... you have to get somewhat scientific about the right inputs to look at around each medium in terms of why this is worth creating the blog post around why this is worth creating on the YouTube video, around why this is worth creating a large course around. Then you need to have inputs that tell you if this is the correct thing to do or not.”

  • “The thing we got really good at is mapping a kind of flow into our products and natural flow into the products from a single blog post.”

  • “So in each platform, we try to obsess over the conversion path that maps to what the user is trying to do, or the audience is trying to do on the blog.”

  • “I think that the marketing exercise here is understanding what topic your customer is interested in, understanding what the micro conversions are, educating them on how your solution helps them solve the problem that you know, that they have. Cause they're interested in the topic, as opposed to I wrote this blog post, do you want a demo call? Right?”

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