How attribution improves ROI — Jules Tompkins // Callrail

Welcome to Attribution Week on the MarTech podcast. This week we're going to get granular to help you understand some of the best practices and pitfalls in attributing credit to your marketing efforts. Joining us is Jules Tompkins, the Content and Communications Manager at CallRail, a sponsor of the MarTech podcast. In today's episode, we discuss how marketing attribution impacts ROI.

Show Notes


  • “What we found in our study is that marketers who are able to properly set up multi-touch attribution models for their business would say that their marketing is infinitely more effective.” - Jules “We can get so caught up in these vanity metrics of impressions and reach that it gets dizzying and difficult to determine what’s truly working and what’s not.” - Jules“When it comes to choosing a model, it should depend on your marketing priorities.” - Jules“The goal is to understand what the marketing channel is effective for because not all marketing channels are created alike.” - Ben “You need to be in front of your customers in multiple places to get your message across, sometimes you’re delivering a brand message or it may be a conversion hammer but you need a mixture of all these.” - Ben “Without the insight into what’s working and what’s not or what’s overperforming and what’s underperforming, it’s difficult to know with certainty that your spend is currently allocated correctly.” - Jules“The ROI can be infinite when you consider the possibility of shedding wasted marketing dollars that aren’t performing and taking those same dollars and investing in a campaign that through your attribution platform, you discover, is overperforming.”  - Jules “Understanding where marketing channel is effective in your funnel allows you to be more efficient and more strategic.” - Ben 

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