How Big Is the Marketing Attribution Problem?

Welcome to Attribution Week on the MarTech podcast. This week we're going to get granular to help you understand some of the best practices and pitfalls in attributing credit to your marketing efforts. Joining us is Jules Tompkins, the Content and Communications Manager at CallRail, a sponsor of the MarTech podcast. In today's episode we discuss how marketers think about solving their attribution problems.

Show Notes


  • “The important thing in marketing is to not just be able to execute media buy, it’s also about understanding how they perform so you can optimize.” - Ben “The study is generally about trying to understand not only how marketers think about marketing attribution, but where the pain points are and what infrastructure they’ve implemented to be able to assign some value to a given marketing channel.” - Ben“The biggest frustration for marketers that we’ve surveyed was the inability to get insight into what’s working and what’s not.” - Jules“If you’re attempting to do attribution as a digital marketer and not looking at phone calls, which is an obvious consumer way of preference as far as communication with the business goes, that’s already a non-starter.” - Jules  “Not to get too call-heavy, but attribution without that little piece of the puzzle (i.e. phone calls), there’s a very obvious gap there.” - Jules 

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