Tips for getting the best work from influencers — Vivien Garnès // Upfluence

Vivien Garnès, Upfluence’s Co-CEO, highlights methods to maximize your influencer marketing strategies. Keeping your influencers motivated means that they can produce the best content for your brand. This motivation doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary and can take many forms. Today, Vivien talks about tips for getting the best work from influencers.

Show Notes

  • 02:16
    Keeping influencers motivated and getting the best out of them
    Complete creative control of influencers could lead to higher costs and lower ROI. Giving creators freedom of expression means more authentic messaging and less brand control of the narrative.
  • 05:34
    How much control brands should have over what creators say
    Instead of looking to control creators, brands should try to add value to what creators are already doing. This can be done through Q and As with an expert from the brand.
  • 07:59
    Incentivising influencers to go above and beyond for your brand
    Budget to provide inventory to influencers to facilitate product demonstrations. Commission-based work also allows for compensation based on revenue generation.
  • 11:36
    Why influencers are taking affiliate deals versus a fixed fee
    Smaller influencers have less bargaining power and marketing budgets have been reduced. Plus, platforms are making it easier for consumers to shop directly from an influencer's post.
  • 13:51
    How brands and influencers benefit from affiliate deals
    Both can benefit from being able to share the risk and reap the benefits when influencer campaigns are successful and convert well.
  • 14:55
    Additional ways to get the best of out influencers
    Your brief must clearly outline your strategy, your dos and don'ts, compensation, and your expectations of them. Also, creators should be given enough to deliver their best work.


  • "If creators agree to a number of revisions and to give over control to the editorial, that's something they're going to charge you extra for." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Creators know their audience and what works for them. They're in a context where the content they naturally produce performs at a certain level. Which is why your brand reached out to them." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Forcing creators into a certain type of creative will not necessarily work well. Not only do you deteriorate the investment part of the ROI, you also destroy the return." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "When youre just sending a bunch of products to creators, it's a very fast process. You can really scale your program to very large volumes of influencers." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Make available an expert from the brand to do a Q&A to actually add value to what the creator is doing so that the creative is still very on brand with the influencer." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "You have to budget for extra inventory to be able to send to the influencers so they can use it in situations and document it. That's what's going to work best." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "If I reach out to influencers saying I'm going to give them a million dollars, my activation rates will go through the roof. However, my ROI is going to be absolutely awful." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Something that we've seen work really well is commission-based work. You can have a flat fee in place because that influencer is going to put in the work and produce the content." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Influencers confident in their ability to bring conversions, can be offered an incentive. For example, paying them $20 for GMV generated." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Smaller influencers of this world have less bargaining power. So they are more likely to accept different kinds of deals." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Most consumer-oriented influencers have lesser production costs. Because their cost is lower, they can afford to take less fees." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "COVID caused brand budgets to dry up from one day to the next. Influencers dependent on brand budgets and freebees had to reconsider offerings theyd have previously declined." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook offer social shopping features now. So it's becoming increasingly seamless for the consumer to purchase directly in their app on their content." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Getting the best out of influencers lies in the brief. It should explain the strategy, the dos and don'ts, what you expect from them, and from the campaign. This will make or break your campaign." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

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