Becoming a marketing influencer — Vivien Garnès // Upfluence

Co-CEO of Upfluence, Vivien Garnès, wraps up discussions on maximizing influencer marketing campaigns. Becoming an Influencer isn’t as easy as many make it seem online. Many hours must be spent producing high-quality content that can win the attention of consumers and the brands they love. Today, Vivien breaks down the process of becoming an Influencer.

Show Notes

  • 02:29
    Who should become an Influencer
    Though its a path generally pursued by younger persons, its also a good career opportunity for older people.
  • 03:37
    Building a following that can lead to sponsorship
    Its all about your ability to produce high quality content consistently. Then its about optimizing your strategies to be boosted by social media networks.
  • 06:04
    Who an Influencer is
    At the 50K or more follower mark on Instagram and Tik Tok, people start to get noticed by brands. And they have the potential to earn an income off their following.
  • 07:57
    Monetizing an Influencer business
    Integrate products from businesses where youre an existing customer into your content. Then use the data gathered as leverage to build partnerships with their marketing teams.
  • 10:31
    Determining what you should get paid as an Influencer
    Compensation varies depending on location, industry, and personal discretion. Influencer Marketing Hub is a useful resource to help influencers determine fair pay for work.
  • 12:15
    How Influencers can take advantage of products and services like Upfluences
    Sign up for Opt-in Influencer networks and master content optimization across platforms. Tap into alternative streams of revenue like ad monetization.
  • 14:34
    How companies can benefit from working with Upfluence
    Upfluence matches brands with creators that will provide the best ROI for them. They do the heavy-lifting by handling payments and the submission of content from influencers.


  • "52% of primary school aged children in the U.S. want to become an influencer." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "When it comes to content, you have to figure out what algorithms reward so you can piggyback on this." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Producing content for the sake of producing content will not get you very far. You need to find your voice, something you are good at. Or go a different route, which is the entertainment route. " -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Success depends on your ability to produce consistent, great quality content. Then polish it in a way that complements the algorithm so that social networks can bring you to the next level." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "At 1000 followers, you're not yet a business. You don't have the following to do this full-time. The ability to transform this into a business would vary depending on the kind of vertical you're in." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "On Instagram and TikTok, at 50K plus followers, you start being noticeable to brands. If you have a smart strategy to go after brands yourself, you can make some money." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "The fastest growing job title on LinkedIn in 2018 was Influencer Marketing Manager. A job title that virtually didn't exist five years ago, has been growing extremely fast." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Use keywords like Growth Marketing Manager on LinkedIn, do cold outreach to these kinds of people. Show them your numbers and what youve done. That's one way to get your first partner." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "As you get your first brand partnerships, you can start having a media kit. That starts building your track record in terms of being able to show other brands you have worked with." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "If youre listening to the MarTech podcast, you're doing well. Youre understanding day to day pain-points of marketers so that you can try to reduce the perception of risk from the brand marketer." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Influencer Marketing Hub has some tools that can give you estimates in terms of having X number of followers on TikTok and figuring out how much you should be paid for your post." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "If your main strategy is to work with brands directly, signing up for all the influencer marketing marketplaces out there is a great way." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "If you type influencer on Crunchbase, the yellow pages for start-ups, right now there are 1000 results." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "YouTube has always shared ad revenue with creators. When you are in the middle of a 10 minute video, and theres an ad, a fraction of the revenue from that ad is going to the creator." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Platforms need to sustain a symbiotic relationship with creators. Creators produce the content that is the highest performing and will allow them to gain new users and keep growing the social network." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Influencers need to be attentive to the different strategies of platforms when it comes to choosing one. They should have other streams of revenue, for example, ad monetization on YouTube." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "In the martech industry, we're in the business of ROI. If the brand doesn't get sufficient ROI, their marketing dollars are going to be spent somewhere else." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "The marketplace refers to the closed Opt-in networks. Its beneficial for creators to proactively sign up to these and to be searchable for brands." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

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