Matching influencers and your audience — Vivien Garnès // Upfluence

Upfluence’s Co-CEO, Vivien Garnès, offers his tips for maximizing your influencer marketing strategies. All influencers were not created equally. You must invest the time to understand what your audience wants and the influencers who are able to provide that content to them. Today, Vivien talks about matching influencers with your audience.

Show Notes

  • 02:31
    Matching influencers to audiences
    Outbound involves soliciting popular influencers who may not be familiar with your product. Inbound taps into your customer database to identify potential influencers.
  • 06:06
    Considerations when choosing an influencer
    Examine brands the influencer is already promoting to see how your brand aligns with them. Also, look at the efficiency of their brand collaborations to gauge their effectiveness.
  • 08:05
    Determining the number of influencers you should work with
    Think about the number of influencers you wish to work with and multiply that number by five to ten. This acts as a buffer for the influencers who may not respond or aren't interested.
  • 08:29
    The right way to reach out to influencers
    After the influencer discovery stage comes activation. In this stage, you can reach out to influencers using email due to its scalable and customizable nature.


  • "As an SME trying to convince influencers, who may or may not know you, to work with you could mean a lot of scale. However, these influencers may not respond or charge you more than brands they know." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Influencer reveal means we are going to cross reference your database of clients and our database of influencers. Your influential customers emerge from this." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Your existing customers with a large social media following are 7x more likely to work with you. And theyll charge you half as much on average when you work with them on the paid program." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "You know that influencer X ordered 5 products for a total of $1,000 GMV. So you can factor that into whether or not you'd like to work with them and how much you can afford to give away." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "The inbound route allows you to play on both sides of the ROI equation. It allows you to maximize the output to maximize the returns, and to minimize the investment." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "We see that some influencers consistently over perform their baseline. And theyre more convincing when they mention a brand than when they don't. For some of them, it's quite the opposite." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "By using specific keywords and hashtags, you can get a good sense of the topics an influencer discusses, the brands they refer to, and how you align against those brands." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "By measuring influencer saturation and the efficiency of brand collaborations, you'll skip potentially problematic influencers and only reach out to influencers who can deliver the highest output." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Think about how many influencers you actually want to work with and multiply that number by 5-10. You're going to have some bottlenecks. Some will not open your emails, some may be interested, etc." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Most of the influencer outreach is being done via email, not necessarily via DM, which is not necessarily as scalable as emails can be." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "The beauty of email is that its very scalable, and can be personalized. Using tools like Upfluence provide a lot of extra data points where you will be able to insert relevant merge fields." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

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