How to monetize your influencer marketing campaigns — Vivien Garnès // Upfluence

Upfluence Co-CEO, Vivien Garnès, discusses tips to build an effective influencer marketing campaign. Current statistics indicate an increase in marketing budget allocations to influencer marketing. However, measuring their effectiveness still challenges marketers. Today, Vivien talks about how you can monetize your influencer marketing campaigns.

Show Notes

  • 02:48
    Metrics for evaluating influencer campaigns
    These include visibility and engagement rates, growth of followers, and audience overlap, in terms of the frequency of the message.
  • 08:20
    Figuring out whether a creator is driving sales
    Attributable sales from social media are measured using track links and coupon codes. Workarounds like swipe up and stickers are used where platforms dont allow embedded links.
  • 09:24
    Influencer Marketing and in
    Predicting an influencers ability to generate sales is difficult. Instead, its about looking for high comment rates, high growth in followers, and high overlap to maximize message frequency.
  • 11:09
    Optimizing influencer campaigns
    This is done by amplifying posts that drive conversion rates. While the cost is higher, it can extend the lifetime of your campaign.


  • "Likes and comments have vastly different implications. One will only take a click. The other will take some thought, typing, and show more dedication from the follower." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Engagement rates are a good predictor of an influencers ability to engage your audience and drive sales. That's one thing that we've seen have a direct impact on ROI." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Fast rising influencers can have a positive impact on ROI when they arent aware of the amount they should charge based on their new follower count. So theyre cheaper for the same or better performance." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "When it comes to overlap, theres two strategies you can have. One which maximizes reach and one that maximizes frequency." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "The greater the overlap, the more followers will see a post talking about your brand. We've seen that this increases the ability to drive conversions as opposed to other strategies." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "If I minimize the overlap, it maximizes the reach. However, it does not necessarily reflect positively on an influencer's ability to generate sales." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Two methods are generally used from social media to do attributable sales. One is track links. The other one is coupon codes. You cannot use track links on any social networks." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "You cannot embed a link in the description of Instagram feed posts. So, the click through rates are going to be terrible because the person has to copy and paste the link in their browsers." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "Instagram shopping enables you to make in-app purchases with a seamless experience. One click from a story or post can take you directly to checkout." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "As Upfluence is growing 100%, year over year, we have clients who are growing increasingly more successful with influencer marketing." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "High comment rates, high follower growth, and high overlap to maximize the frequency; those are excellent proxies for an influencer's ability to generate sales." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

  • "If we work with 10 influencers, and one post drives conversion rates, we get in touch with that influencer to amplify that specific post, add media budget to it, and increase their audience." -Vivien Garnès, Upfluence, Co-CEO

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