Marketing automation rules for Saas business — Rachel Leist // HubSpot

Senior Director of Marketing at HubSpot, Rachel Leist, explores marketing automation. While setting up automation takes a while, the benefits are boundless. From scaling your time to overall business growth, it’s no wonder many businesses are making use of automation technology. In today’s conversation, Rachel discusses marketing automation rules for your SaaS business.

Show Notes

  • 02:54
    Marketing automations that work for SaaS businesses
    Automation should assist with segmentation and targeting. Email automation, like nurturing campaigns, help to scale your business.
  • 04:11
    Reducing friction in customer experience
    Ideally, you want to reduce the amount of clicks it takes for a customer to get to the point of purchasing. So, youre looking for parts of the process that can be automated.
  • 05:59
    Automation of internal processes
    If internal automations isnt seamless, its going to affect the customer experience. You want to ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time
  • 07:36
    How segmentation affects content distribution to customers
    HubSpot uses a persons job to determine the kind of content sent out. For other SaaS companies, it could be industry. Its really about sending content that is relevant and appealing.
  • 08:22
    Technology and background of marketing automation
    Currently, theres experimentation going on with data science and automation. It boils down to looking at other tools that compliment the ones youre already using.
  • 08:12
    Transparency in conversational marketing
    It is important to let people know when they are speaking with a bot. Equally important is letting the customer know that theyll get a more personalized experience from human support.
  • 08:55
    Bot experience performance metrics
    Web traffic, engagement levels based on chat placement, and NPS score. Performance is also tracked based on problem resolution and sales conversions.
  • 10:23
    Conversational marketing vs email marketing
    Email will reach more people, from a conversion rate perspective. However, when a person seeks out a website and starts chatting, this indicates higher intent.


  • "Setting up your automation allows you to scale your time, your team's time, and be much more efficient than you ever could have imagined." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "You have things like your email automation and your nurturing campaigns. But you also need to create other types of capabilities and system improvements to help really scale your business." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "The more you click, the more you have people who fall off. One of the things that we're creating is how do we surface those times up front and with one click, someone can book a meeting." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "If your internal automation isn't seamless, your customers will notice. That's going to have a bigger impact on their impression, experience, and all their interactions with you." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "We want to ensure were accurately emailing people at the right time. When someone visits a certain page, we email them at the right place, making sure that outbound automation is crisp." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "For internal automation processes, we need to make sure that the right people have the right information at the right time." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "When sending out an email on behalf of the sales rep, we also need to email that rep so they have the context needed to have that conversation with their customer." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "I think there's going to be some really interesting things that we can solve for the customer through data science work and automation." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "While bots can provide information that a human can, how can we surface that information sooner? We are working on how we can make some of those recommendations to our customer base." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "You don't want to turn the customer off with all the information that you know about them. We're trying to make sure we are solving for the customer and being as helpful as possible." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

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