Saas Demand Generation Playbook — Rachel Leist // HubSpot

Senior Director of Marketing at HubSpot, Rachel Leist, explains how to level up your SaaS marketing game. From startups to well established companies, the aim is consistently attracting new customers. With the pandemic still ongoing, the strategies companies decide to use will ultimately determine their level of success. Today, Rachel talks about the SaaS demand generation playbook.

Show Notes

  • 02:38
    Achieving success in SaaS promotion
    Companies with the ability to adapt to changing consumer needs have done the best thus far. Putting the customer first is always the solution.
  • 03:32
    Metrics for customer segmentation in SaaS businesses
    Job title, industry, and what people are doing on the website. In terms of products, where potential customers in their life cycle is given consideration.
  • 04:37
    Finding the right customer
    Successful demand generation plays are all about timing and place. Use automation to engage potential customers with the right messaging.
  • 06:41
    Running a PPC lead demand engine vs a content led engine
    It boils down to the quality of content and keywords used. Combine a solid content strategy with PPCs to get your content in front of a wider audience.
  • 08:43
    How much you should be spending on performance marketing
    The first step a business should take is figuring out their target audiences biggest challenges.
  • 11:06
    Other methods of attracting customers
    Brand awareness driving initiatives include regular events for potential and actual customers.


  • "When COVID hit, prospects wanted more educational content. Companies that have been really successful have been able to pivot and continue to put their customer first." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "There's a fine line between being personalized and being creepy. It's really important to balance that." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "It's so important to be contextual and to make sure we're reaching customers at the right time. There's a big aspect of timing to everything." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "Some of our most successful demand gen plays are all about the timing and the place." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "For us at HubSpot, the right marketing mix is content, SEO, and using the right keywords at the right time." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "Make sure your content is actually relevant for the times." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "You have to adjust your content strategy and not just your engagement strategy." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "Optimization of content and writing with our audience in mind makes a difference for us. Then, we can augment it with things like PPCs to get it in front of more people." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "In terms of spending on performance marketing, what is the biggest challenge that your audience has? Starting there is my biggest recommendation to startups." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

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