Conversational marketing tactics — Rachel Leist // HubSpot

Senior Director of Marketing at HubSpot, Rachel Leist, looks at growing a SaaS business. Time is a precious commodity. That could explain why studies show a preference for bots over human support for quick responses. It’s worth exploring the benefits that come from using bots on your website. Today, Rachel talks about conversational marketing tactics for the growth of SaaS businesses.

Show Notes

  • 02:26
    Engaging customers with conversational marketing
    People would rather interact with chatbots than other humans because their questions are answered faster. Human support should still be an available option.
  • 03:55
    Why a robot experience is preferred
    Bots are optimized in terms of solutions to people's most frequent and biggest challenges. This means they spend less time looking for a solution.
  • 05:03
    What bots are used for
    Support, site navigation, and surface content. Bots also help with directing customers to human support agents.
  • 06:27
    How to make bots more useful
    When bots succeed, speed is the factor. You need to have a back up plan for bot failure and ensure the experience is seamless.
  • 07:23
    Conversational marketing and bot experiences
    Bots help with the creation of personalized and targeted experiences. This is due to being able to pull on knowledge gained from previous customer interactions.
  • 08:12
    Transparency in conversational marketing
    It is important to let people know when they are speaking with a bot. Equally important is letting the customer know that theyll get a more personalized experience from human support.
  • 08:55
    Bot experience performance metrics
    Web traffic, engagement levels based on chat placement, and NPS score. Performance is also tracked based on problem resolution and sales conversions.
  • 10:23
    Conversational marketing vs email marketing
    Email will reach more people, from a conversion rate perspective. However, when a person seeks out a website and starts chatting, this indicates higher intent.


  • "We make sure that when someone wants to chat with us, they are greeted with a bot first. We do that because people are more likely to interact with a bot as the first line than a human." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "We ran experiment after experiment and people want to be greeted with a bot, because their questions are very easily answered that way." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "For people coming to interact with our chat, they've found that it's solving their problems quickly because we immediately surface some of the answers to questions they have." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "We've optimized around making sure people can get a response in less than 20 seconds. Even if you have to wait 10 seconds, you're not going to wait. You're going to leave." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "For a human support agent to grab the right article, put it in the chat, and send it to you, takes at least 20 to 30 seconds. A bot can get you that answer almost immediately." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "You need to always think about when the bot fails, what your backup plan is, and make sure that backup plan is seamless." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "When the bot succeeds, speed is the factor. Everyone wants more time. Everyone wants something speedy." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "If we have information about someone chatting with us already, we can give them a different experience based on prior conversations and prior actions they've taken." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "The most important thing when you're using conversational marketing is to be transparent about someone being a person versus a bot." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

  • "From a conversion rate perspective, email will reach more people. With conversational marketing, you are choosing to chat. So there's a couple decision points that indicate higher intent." -Rachel Leist, HubSpot, Snr Director of Marketing

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