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Senior manager of global events at Hubspot, Drea Hudson, gives her professional advice on event management. Hosting an event or conference, you want to add value. And while that can be your content, it’s also about ensuring that you can keep your audience engaged and interacting. Today, Drea talks about how you can integrate audio and other multi-media into your events.

Show Notes

  • 02:22
    How to execute a value
    Event management involves a lot of moving parts. The best approach is to have a dedicated team for each of these parts based on your event size.
  • 04:05
    Facilitating a pleasant content experience at your conference
    Make it easy for your audience to access your content especially if theres a lot of segmentation. The content you provide does not have to expire at the end of the event.
  • 06:27
    The difference in format between digital and physical events
    Digital allows for more real-time interactions with your audience. While physical events let you networkin-person, digital still makes meetups a lot easier.
  • 08:03
    Making contacts and meeting the right people
    Inbound makes it easy to identify who are the important people to your business just based on job description. You can also opt into scheduled meetups to hear from a specific person.
  • 10:19
    How to not overwhelm people with your events content
    Keep in touch with your audience leading up to the event to set their expectations. Provide them with a guide for the conference.
  • 11:48
    Why your conference should be multi
    You dont want your audience to burn out so you want to break up the content. You can. For example, provide audio-only aspects of the event.
  • 13:17
    How to keep people engaged throughout your event
    Provide your audience with as much information as you can before the event. And give them options for creating a tailored agenda.


  • "Inbound is known for its educational value. And the tracks that we're hosting this year are marketing sales, customer success, and revenue operations." - Drea Hudson, Sr Manager of Global Events, Hubspot

  • "We're not squeezing 250 speakers in for the digital event. Maybe that worked well for the in-person event… we'll have about 100 breakout sessions versus 250." - Drea Hudson, Sr Manager of Global Events, Hubspot

  • "Give attendees an opportunity to build an agenda that suits their life best ahead of the event, provide options for curated agendas based on what they like or based on their profiles." - Drea Hudson, Sr Manager of Global Events, Hubspot

  • “To get people to engage, communicate clearly what the benefits are ahead of the event and during the event. And make sure you're checking the numbers and pivoting as needed.” - Drea Hudson, Sr Manager of Global Events, Hubspot

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