Why B2B marketing tools always fail — Jordan Crawford // Blueprint

Blueprint’s Co-Founder, Jordan Crawford continues to talk about how you can implement a successful go-to-market strategy. When it comes to B2B tools, most marketers skip the crucial step of defining their models. The problem may not even be the tools, just the ways they are being used. So, today Jordan investigates why B2B marketing tools always fail.

Show Notes

  • 02:46
    Tech stacks for successful B2B marketing campaigns today
    Tools like People Data Labs can be used to query databases. Harmonic.ai grants unlimited access to company level data. Success boils down to the strategies used with these tools.
  • 05:09
    Building a scoring system to understand whos in market
    Spreadsheets can be used in this regard. Use your customers pain-points to find leads in the same situation. Then reach out to them, using that research, to test your methods.
  • 06:40
    Using tools to figure out your buyer models and target audience
    You need to define your models manually. Then use those models as testimonials to show prospects how you can solve their pain-points.
  • 09:34
    Avoiding time consuming research and expensive tools
    Firstly, you must define the model. Then figure out how you can ask an outsourcer to give you binary answers to your questions. After that, personalization will come for free.
  • 11:47
    Why B2B tools may not be at fault
    Tools only have access to data that you can get at scale. However, if you find the pain, you can scale it up with a combination of tools, outsourcers, and agencies like Blueprint.


  • "When you think about tools, you should think about who bought your product and why they did it. Then you need to rank the total serviceable market by pain." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "You need a strategy for how to rank customers who are a good fit. This usually comes either from your customers or your best sales rep." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "You need to rank your total serviceable market by pain. That means using larger database tools to start that process. People Data Labs has a really great database that you can query." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "Start with the customer's pain. Flip that around to find leads that are in this same situation. That research just writes the email for you." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "Before you figure out tools, you need to define what your models are and do it manually." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "We'll use tools like Harmonic.ai and Brickstack.com to go score websites." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "Have your best sales rep look at 10-50 of your prospects, and say why a person looks like a good fit. Take that information and go score the market with the models that they're using." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "Companies are raising their hand to say they need help with X, Y, or Z. Theyre willing to pay 6 digits to have you help them solve X, Y, or Z. And you can be a part of that solution." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "Everyone's thinking about scale, and that's not the problem. If you find the pain, you can scale it up with a combination of tools, outsourcers, and folks like me." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

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