It’s not your B2B sales team’s fault — Jordan Crawford // Blueprint

Blueprint’s Co-Founder, Jordan Crawford, continues to talk about how you can implement a successful go-to-market strategy. When our go-to-market strategies are unsuccessful, we are quick to blame it on our tools and sales teams. But, should they truly be blamed if they are being forced to operate outside their scope? Today, Jordan makes his case for the reasons it’s not your B2B sales team's fault.

Show Notes

  • 02:41
    Why SDRs are not to blame for failing go
    SDRs should not be tasked with targeting or messaging, so they can focus on outbound prospecting. Instead those jobs should be done by marketing, rev ops and sales.
  • 04:16
    Setting up your SDR teams for success
    Define the ideal buyer persona and rank their pain-points to decide on your messaging. When youve determined the best prospects to pursue, then they can be handed off to SDRs.
  • 06:25
    Automation and B2B messaging
    Once prospects' pain-points are codified, the key to automation is putting that data into a structured database. From that database, you can easily pull out the data needed for emails.
  • 08:20
    Describing the company research in your email
    Ultimately, you want the buy-in of the prospect. So its essential to show them what youve done for companies in similar positions as a data source for your pitch.


  • "Score your customers against the way tyou score your leads. 8/10 of them from the outside look great. So, you need a strategy, and that means defining the buyer persona first." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "The SDR should never have to write another message or identify who to target. The marketing team, rev ops team, and sales team will do that work for them." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "If you do the necessary work, before the SDR shows up, you can have them focus on the 10 accounts this week, worth $2 million. For everyone else, you can automate by describing the pain to them." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "The way to scale the process with personalization is to codify the pain so the messaging writes itself. Because all you're doing is describing your research to the lead." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

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