B2B outbound is jacked — Jordan Crawford // Blueprint

Co-Founder of Blueprint, Jordan Crawford, talks about what you need to implement a successful go-to-market strategy. B2B marketers could be spending more time on platinum accounts instead of gold ones. But, their tools and training may be holding them back. Today, Jordan, looks into why B2B outbound is jacked.

Show Notes

  • 02:25
    How B2B marketers can increase their conversion rate
    By building strategies for SDRs and outbound, around targeting and messaging, they could change their conversion rates.
  • 03:40
    Challenges in B2B outbound
    We are at a place now where B2B marketing tools dont differentiate marketers enough. Theyre using the same data and trying to modify it in non-scalable ways that wont provide long-term value.
  • 6:21
    The importance of targeting in B2B outbound marketing
    It isnt about trying to personalize at scale when reaching out to potential buyers. Take the focus off the individual and look at the company to understand their pain-points.
  • 08:33
    Finding the right customers
    Look at the customers who've already purchased from you to figure out what drove the conversion. Then, apply that buying moment model to how you look for signals in the market.


  • "Founders will manually send emails and find good traction. Then they'll hire sales reps, but not train them on messaging, targeting, or strategy. They throw bodies at the problem." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "In B2B, the thought is, you just sold a $100,000 deal, so just keep doing whatever you're doing. They could be spending their time on platinum accounts instead of gold accounts." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "If Founders build a strategy for SDRs and outbound about who they should be targeted and what they should say to them, they could totally change their conversion rate." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "If you get the targeting right, your messaging doesn't have to talk about the school they attended or them being in the same city as you. If you get the pain right, people will reply." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "I suggest that you send small tests; 100-500 emails. Thats your audience size and thats how big your list should be with this research done ahead of time." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "Take your research out of the individual person and put it into whats going on at the company." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "Decode the actual transactions that your customers made to convert with you. Then, its about figuring out how to take those models of buying moments and look for signals in the market." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

  • "In B2C, people are focused on CAC. How do I get my CAC down from $12 to $10 to $5? In B2B? It's like, oh well, you just sold a $100,000 deal. Just keep doing whatever you're doing." -Jordan Crawford, Co-Founder, Blueprint

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