Monetizing evergreen content — Jack Born // Deadline Funnels

It’s day 3 of Creator Automation Week, and Jack Born, founder of Deadline Funnel talks some more about how to build urgency and trust into your content marketing strategy. Automation and sustainability is key. So how do you ensure that you’re producing the right content? Today, Jack discusses how you can monetize your evergreen content.

Show Notes

  • 02:04
    Building sustainability into your practice
    Find a balance with your launches and your evergreen activities. Launches shouldnt be your only means of client acquisition.
  • 03:59
    Where your automated emails come in
    Once people start signing up for your emails, its time to build trust and authority. This is where your deadlines come in. For creators, this can be in the form of an email sequence preceding your offer and deadline.
  • 06:48
    Evergreen marketing tactics
    Build your marketing around that section of your audience who is most aware. Youre more likely to get conversion from people who have already indicated interest in your offering.
  • 09:39
    Evergreen content for each stage of the funnel
    Reach your audience where they are both mentally and emotionally. Produce content to provide what people are asking for at every stage of the funnel.
  • 13:02
    Monetization strategies for creators
    Invest in automation and building out more evergreen content. Focus on the bottom of your funnel first.
  • 15:51
    Influencer and creator monetization strategies
    Platforms like Patreon and Youtube help creators to monetize their content. Creating courses is a very good way to monetize the loyalty and trust of a large audience.


  • "Make sure you've got a healthy mix of launching and evergreen client acquisition... You just want to make sure that launches aren't your only method of getting clients in the door." - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • "So in my opinion, the workhorse of evergreen marketing for most people, especially creators, is going to be email follow-ups." - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • "After you've developed know, like, and trust, and you've really established yourself as an authority, you make your offer, make your case, and then you have a deadline." - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • “You can split test your email sequences. You can change the offer, changing the offer will dramatically impact your conversion rates and your lead generation costs.” - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • “As opposed to other channels, when someone gives you their email, they're giving you the opportunity to have what feels like a one-on-one conversation with them over a series of days.” - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • “The strategy here is you start at the bottom of the funnel and you build based on need...” - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

  • “What a lot of the most successful creators do is, they focus on the bottom of the funnel first and they also typically will go with more high touch, higher ticket types of offerings.” - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

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