Launches and their limitations — Jack Born // Deadline Funnels

Jack Born is the founder of Deadline Funnel. For day 2 of Creator Automation Week, Jack continues the conversation about building urgency and trust in your marketing efforts. When should you really be using a launch? Today, Jack talks about launches and their limitations.

Show Notes

  • 01:56
    When to use launches
    One of the best times to do a launch is when youre introducing something new to the market.
  • 03:34
    Different types of launches
    Bringing something new to the table doesnt always mean a whole new brand or product. A launch can also be used for any added or seasonal products or services to your brand.
  • 05:29
    Marketing throughout a launch
    Its all about visibility and engagement. Build up the excitement and anticipation before your launch for a surge in sales.
  • 07:09
    Building excitement around your launch
    Your product or service should be able to ease your audiences pain point. Customer reviews will also come in handy if you are relaunching a past product.
  • 08:52
    When launches go wrong
    Launches fall down when youre not leveraging automation. Automation makes it easier to maintain conversation with your audience through every stage of your launch.
  • 11:14
    Why automate your marketing message
    When you automate your marketing message, you get to try different things and see what works. Plus, its a great way to get your clients feedback at each stage.


  • "The most obvious place where launches are useful is when you are actually launching something into the marketplace for the first time." - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • "If theres excitement and anticipation, you'll see a surge of sales. But the rate of sales drops off over the coming days. And then right before the deadline, you see an even bigger surge of sales." - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • "There's almost no better way to communicate with your audience than to let your past customers do the talking for you." - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • “It's not necessarily a one-way communication with your market. It's really a back and forth communication where you're getting their input and their feedback.” - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • “When youre relying on launches as your primary method for client acquisition, youre spending a significant portion of your calendar year not bringing in new clients.” - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

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