Courses and Passive income generation — Jack Born // Deadline Funnels

Jack Born is the founder of Deadline Funnel. Deadline funnel is dedicated to help marketers monetize their evergreen content. How can you build an effective content marketing strategy based on urgency and trust? Today, Jack focuses on how you should approach courses and passive income generation.

Show Notes

  • 02:08
    How to create passive income streams
    Start with the things that don't scale like one-to-one sessions. And then later on, you can move onto the things that do scale like courses.
  • 05:37
    How to scale your passive income
    Start by finding out what your core audience wants to know. This is the information that you will use to create your course packages as you move into scalability.
  • 10:09
    Figuring out where to put your course
    If you have a large audience, you want to maintain control of the different elements of your course like pricing. Different platforms like Wordpress, Udemy, and Teachable have different limitations.
  • 12:45
    How to market your course
    If you already have a dedicated audience, find a way to take them to your website. Its important to build anticipation and keep your audience interested in your upcoming course.
  • 14:46
    How non
    Yor can be either free or paid. It all boils down to adding value to your customers. Adding value is one way to develop authority and trust with your audience.


  • "I would recommend that you start by doing things that don't scale with the intention that down the road you're going to get to the things that scale..." - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • "The way you remove the curse of knowledge is to ask the people who have either just purchased or are thinking about purchasing the training what their biggest questions are." - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • "Look at the first event that you do as a way for you to gather intelligence and to really inform your messaging so that you can package up your course..." - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • “I see too many people get super wrapped up and all this busy work of trying to create the perfect platform when they haven't figured out how to reach the audience...” - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

  • “Regardless of what you're selling, it doesn't have to be a paid course. It could be a free course thats part of your onboarding or lead generation process.” - Jack Born, Founder, Deadline Funnel

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