Understanding your B2B Customer Needs

Ike Singh Kehal, the CEO of Social27, shares his knowledge on B2B marketing using events. The B2B customer takes a lot of nurturing and research to close the deal. But the greatest thing is that once you land the client, you’re most likely looking at a long-term relationship. Today, Ike talks about how you can understand your B2B customers’ needs.
About the speaker

Ike Singh Kehal


 - Social27

Ike is the CEO of Social27

Show Notes

  • 01:40
    Ikes background and Social27
    Social27 has been around for the past decade providing event solutions. The focus is on helping enterprises get better results from events.
  • 02:55
    What you need to know about B2B customers
    Unlike B2C customers, its going to be harder to attract your B2B customer. But in the same breath, B2B comes with more long-term customer relationships.
  • 04:29
    Figuring out who your B2B customers are
    It all boils down to having the right message for the right audience. B2B requires that you really tailor your pitch according to the intent of the decision-makers youre targeting.
  • 07:57
    The ideal B2B marketing plan
    Start off by finding out who are the different stakeholders youre going to need to win over. Then prepare documentations for each of them.
  • 10:00
    Honing in on a specific need
    Its not just about landing the customer. Maintain communication with them to really get a breakdown of their needs.
  • 12:05
    Figuring out when someone is in market
    This calls for a good understanding of your customer journey. So maintain communication with your target so you can always meet them where they are.
  • 14:22
    How to approach your nurture campaign
    Focus on building and maintaining relationships. Keep the conversation going by consistently putting out content.
  • 16:44
    Finally making the sale
    You need to first earn your targets trust and they will be drawn to you. Focus on solving a specific problem based on their intent.


  • 01:45 - The purpose of B2B marketing events

  • Events are what brings your customers out in the open. The goal of events is to find out exactly what your customers are expecting of you.

  • 04:12 - What you can do with event data

  • Theres a lot of first, second, and third-party data that you can get through events. Smart marketers use this for things like predictions and customer needs.

  • 06:28 - Leveraging sponsors in events

  • One of the main reasons you have an event is networking and providing solutions. But having sponsors and exhibitors helps to familiarize your audience with solutions without pressure.

  • 09:39 - Why Social27 events are a better experience for everyone

  • Most times, businesses enter into an event simply hoping for the best. But with Social27, everything is tailored and you get personalized recommendations.

  • 12:16 - Helping attendees broadcast what theyre looking for

  • Social27 will soon launch their speed networking feature. This is a product that will help event attendees to get across their intent and meet with the right people.

  • 16:42 - Who can benefit the most from a Social27-led event

  • Social27 moves events away from just top-of-funnel but spreads it into sales, too. So you can bring your event marketing and sales team to be part of the conversation.

About the speaker

Ike Singh Kehal


 - Social27

Ike is the CEO of Social27

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