Value of eCom data vs customer privacy — Roli Saxena // Adroll

Roli Saxena, the president of Adroll, shares how you can launch, grow, and scale your eCommerce business. One of the most valuable resources that comes from youreCommerce business is your customer data. But can you really monetize this safely and effectively? Today, Roli talks about the value of your eCommerce data and your customers’ privacy.

Show Notes

  • 02:21
    How to think about monetizing your data
    People prefer to have a more personalized online shopping experience. But to effectively make this happen, you need to consider privacy laws.
  • 05:13
    How consumers and marketers should think about data sharing
    Consumers want to see relevant information but this involves tracking their data. There needs to be transparency with data collection and what happens to the data after that.
  • 09:07
    Understanding the value of your data
    Decisions need to be made on how and when it makes sense for this data to be collected and used. You also need to consider customer consent.
  • 10:28
    Using customer data to your advantage
    You need to really know your customer and what they are expecting of you. Thats how youre going to be able to come up with solutions that suit their needs.
  • 12:30
    The power of your first party data
    Your first party data helps you truly understand who your customers are. From here you can create meaningful relationships by providing relevant content.
  • 13:50
    How Adroll approaches the use of data
    Understand that things like data privacy and marketing are still evolving. You want to use different marketing channels to provide better value.


  • "Google ran a research in 2019, which basically showed that more than half of consumers who were surveyed, wanted to have a personalized experience..." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • "As personalization continues to be a priority for consumers, theyll engage in brands that personalize that experience. However, they want control over that data..." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • "Apple gave consumers an option to opt out from being tracked and 96% of consumers who downloaded that update did opt out from tracking." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “Privacy regulations are here to stay. Its about how brands adapt their technology and tools around being able to collect the right data like first party data...” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “One of the things we've been working very closely with Google is helping our customers make that shift into becoming more reliant on the first party data.” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “The direction the industry is moving in is a world where there is omni-channel marketing, ads on the open web and social, plus email. And SMS is becoming a meaningful channel…” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “our mantra is better together, which is when all the different channels orchestrated by meaningful, personalized data work together, they deliver higher value.” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

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