Operationalizing an eCommerce business

Roli Saxena, president of Adroll, discusses tips for moving from a startup to a competitive ecommerce business. Your focus will be on different things when you’re a startup versus when you get to the growth stage. And how much you grow will depend on the tech stack you have available. Today, Roli talks about operationalizing your eCommerce business.

Show Notes

  • 02:01
    Whats necessary to grow an eCommerce business
    A lot has changed in the past year and loads of technology has come out of it. eCommerce platforms like Shopify, already come with the tech stack needed to start a business.
  • 04:25
    How to get a shoppers attention in a highly competitive space
    You need to be able to connect with your audience across the different channels. So use tools that allow this while also letting you monitor and optimize your performance.
  • 07:25
    Technologies that eCommerce business should be looking at
    Your tech stack will surround your business needs. As an eCommerce business, you need to identify your audience, connect with them, and measure your performance.
  • 09:53
    The right tools for your eCommerce business
    The right tools for you will depend on where you are in your business. At different stages youll be focused on different things , for example, new shoppers versus returning customers.
  • 12:29
    Building your business into the growth stage
    Its important to find that product-market fit in the early days. You want to build your company on a good understanding of your audience and a good relationship with them.
  • 14:11
    Understanding the early, growth, and scale phase
    In the early stage youre focused on data and product-market fit but in the growth stage, its more about tools. Scaling is when your revenue starts to grow significantly.
  • 17:35
    What to expect when third
    The removal of third-party cookies will result in more first-party data. Still, new technologies are still being developed to replace cookies.
  • 20:51
    Scaling your eCommerce business
    Focus on understanding your customers in the early stage. Then in the growth and scale stage, focus on channels and how you can fine tune your business.


  • "Post pandemic, there are more shoppers that are shopping online than ever before, and that is having a big shift in how the industry's evolving." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • "eCommerce as an industry has grown almost 10 years worth of growth in just the last one year during the pandemic..." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • "There are over 7,000 MarTech tools available today that are actually out there to support a lot of the eCommerce company." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “98% of all online shoppers visit a store and never make a purchase.” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “3 out of 4 customers who do make a purchase, never come back and do a second round.” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “One of our customers… They are a Shopify customer and over a period of 6 months, they were able to really increase their ROI with us by 100 times.” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “Scale for me is when your revenue growth is exponential and is significantly higher than the level of investment you're making in the business.” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “We are testing out new protocols that are based around targeting using cohorts and group-based behaviors called flock. And that's sort of starting to kick off” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

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