Using content & community to scale an eCommerce business — Roli Saxena // Adroll

President of Adroll, Roli Saxena, explains how you can launch, grow, and scale your eCommerce business. Having a successful business is not just about getting quick sales. So how can you use content and community to scale your eCommerce business? Today, Roli discusses some non-advertising-driven marketing channels.

Show Notes

  • 02:18
    Drivers for eCommerce growth
    The truth is that no one really wants to be sold to. So you have to find subtle ways to show people the value you add and why they should choose you.
  • 05:27
    Targeting with direct response
    While indirectly marketing is a good strategy to build trust, theres still a place for direct response. Find a balance and spread these out across your channels.
  • 07:54
    How to approach your order of operations
    You want to start with content advertising and building a community around your brand.
  • 10:26
    Getting ahead with your eCommerce business
    Focus on attracting customers when youre just starting out. From here you can build a community to facilitate customer loyalty.
  • 12:16
    Prioritization and your marketing channels
    Strike a balance between organic growth and paid advertising. Spend the time to build your content base, driving awareness, and making connections.
  • 14:32
    Understanding the time investment for organic growth
    Paid advertising is for quick results but organic growth takes time. So educate your leaders so they can have the right expectations for a turnaround.


  • "The challenge for e-commerce companies is to sell or position their product in a way that people dont feel like theyre being sold to." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • "You don't need to be marketing at all channels. You just need to be marketing at the channel that you know your audience is at." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • "if you are an early stage e-commerce brand, you really need to invest in enough content to really drive the acquisition engine and be able to get between content and advertising..." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “In addition to doing a paid acquisition and paid channels, it is important to start building out your foundations around organic channel.” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “Paid acquisition strategy works really well, but it works well for a very specific timely fashion. To build a longterm business, it needs to be paired up with organic mechanisms...” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

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