eCommerce business awareness drivers — Roli Saxena // Adroll

Roli Saxena, president of Adroll, discusses how to launch, grow, and scale your eCommerce business for eCommerce Growth Week. Your success is based on how much you know about your ideal customers. And there’s a lot of data analysis that goes into that. Today, Roli talks about eCommerce business awareness drivers.

Show Notes

  • 02:09
    Primary awareness drivers in eCommerce today
    You want your eCommerce business to be predictable and scalable.But for this you need to thoroughly understand ideal customers.
  • 04:55
    Understanding targeting
    Its a matter of really understanding your product and then identifying whose problem it solves. Pay attention to what people do when they visit your site.
  • 07:31
    Building awareness in eCommerce
    Create your ideal buyer persona(s). This involves using the data to map out your customer journey.
  • 09:10
    How to approach mapping your buyer journey
    You want to have repeat customers. So focus on getting the user through the funnel and creating repeat customers.
  • 11:39
    Building a scalable revenue engine for eCommerce
    It all boils down to your accessibility to data and the tools you use. You want to invest in data at every stage of your business.
  • 13:15
    Where to look for eCommerce MarTech solutions
    With integrated omni-channel marketing you can cast a wider net and get more results. You get more data to work with and better understanding of your users.


  • "Adrolls machine learning engine uses established data on over 70% of the world's online shoppers to predict behavior and engagement in store performance better than anyone." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • "One of the biggest challenges that e-commerce brands have today is to really get the attention of the shoppers..." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • "98% of all shoppers that visit an e-commerce brand never really make a purchase. And of the ones that purchase 3 out of 4, never do a second purchase." - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “eCommerce brands actually lose 88% of shoppers after putting items in their shopping cart.” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “The cost of customer acquisition is very high in eCommerce and really understanding all the places you could potentially lose a customer and figuring out exactly how do you really win back” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “Building a scalable revenue engine for a e-commerce brand so you can actually drive consistent predictable revenue is building a culture of data.” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

  • “Weve seen when customers use ads and emails together, they get twice as many conversions as they would have with individual channels and twice as fast.” - Roli Saxena, President, Adroll

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