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William Tyree, Chief Marketing Officer of, wraps up discussions on maximizing your revenue. Nowadays, artificial intelligence can be used to pull information out of unstructured data. Revenue teams have also been using AI to improve their performance in several ways. Today, William talks about AI for revenue teams.
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William Tyree


William is Chief Marketing Officer at

Show Notes

  • 02:22
    How marketing, sales, and revenue teams are using AI to improve their performance
    Theyre using AI to prescribe the content they serve to their audience and assign marketing attribution . AI is also used for lead prioritization.
  • 05:38
    Who should be using AI technology
    Enterprise companies with large SDR teams, and commercial mid-size companies. Guided selling in cadence tools enables companies to provide a more tailored experience.
  • 07:21
    How AI prioritizes leads
    It reduces the amount of time a human would have to spend listening to calls. It can go through and pick out your best calls and learn from them very quickly.
  • 09:16
    How AI helps marketers
    It gives them direct access to customers and sales conversions. They can set the parameters, and listen to the best call to see whether their messaging works.
  • 10:43
    Figuring out positive interactions
    SDRs should be using open-ended questions and reflective listening. Buyer intent can be assessed based on the type of information requested, for eg. requesting a case study.
  • 12:13
    Taking advantage of artificial intelligence for revenue teams
    Revenue teams must feed enough data into their CRMs. Real-time conversation guidance is most relevant to marketing teams when content is used as intended.


  • "We're starting to leave behind lead scoring and move toward real-time updates to frontline SDR teams and frontline sellers, based on first-party engagement from your own team, and third party-data." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Guided selling, as a concept, is emerging into the mainstream. And I think it's entering cadence tools." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Our email inboxes have been punished by cadence tools on the market for years now. I hope AI solutions get more adoption and we can all be less fearful when we open up our inboxes down the road." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "One of the things that's really emerging is the analysis of conversation data being incorporated into the equation." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Through AI, we can say, show me calls with high voice energy, where they mention specific keywords or certain competitors. To the extent that AI can extrapolate learnings like that is really powerful." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "I think what AI is really great at is analyzing the data within your organization, and maybe a group of other organizations, and defining what those keywords are." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "The great thing with AI is, now all the learnings are served up. So it's easy to set a couple factors, go in once a week, and listen to the valuable stuff that can help you learn about messaging as well." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "With SDR team performance, you're looking for open-ended questions. And you're looking for indications that the rep is using reflective listening, high voice energy, and lack of filler words." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "When the buyer requests a case study, or asks what would it look like if things were like this? Those are things that can help eventually predict forecasting." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Revenue teams need to be writing as much as possible back into the CRM, and understanding those learnings, especially when you talk about things like real-time conversation guidance." -William Tyree,, CMO

About the speaker

William Tyree


William is Chief Marketing Officer at

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