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Chief Marketing Officer of, William Tyree, talks about maximizing your revenue. recently changed their name from Ring DNA. Their name change came as a result of the platform they’d developed into, and the needs they are now trying to serve. Today, William shares’s roadmap to rebranding for revenue.
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William Tyree


William is Chief Marketing Officer at

Show Notes

  • 02:24
    Reasons for rebranding to
    Sales and marketing teams are more aligned. Plus, the development into an AI platform, meant Ring DNA was no longer a good name fit.
  • 04:18
    Why RevOps was chosen for the rebrand
    For enterprise companies, a shared data solution was needed to align sales, marketing, and success teams. It also helps to increase the feedback loops between these teams.
  • 05:40
    RevOps and collaboration within marketing teams
    Sales, marketing, and success teams are looking at the same data, instead of being siloed. Using data, they work together to make decisions.
  • 07:28
    The marketing process for rebranding
    First, its about listening to the feedback from people you trust. Then, you inform the company on the reason for the rebrand.
  • 10:42
    Legally changing the companys name
    Identify a name with long-term potential that resonates with people. See what domains are available in your category, and do the legal work to secure the right one.
  • 12:08
    Shortening the name to DNA
    There would have been confusion around the brand. Feedback indicated that both DNA and Revenue DNA sounded like a healthcare company and a finance platform, respectively.
  • 13:20
    Executing a successful company rebrand
    Get the buy-in from internal stakeholders. This is important to ensure that all teams are aligned on the opportunity and reasons for rebranding.


  • "Gartner predicted that by 2025, 75% of enterprise companies would've implemented a RevOps model." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "It was important for us to build a solution that aligns your sales, success, and marketing teams, through shared data. And things that increase the feedback loops between the teams." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "In organizations that embrace RevOps, marketing leaders, sales, and success teams, are looking at the same metrics, instead of things being so siloed." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "RevOps is a data alignment exercise. Youre talking together, openly, about how things are working, what needs to change, and jointly making those decisions." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "The goal of the RevOps teams is to help everything work smoothly, and give teams the insights needed to make decisions." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "I think that getting outside reactions to some of the ideas that you have is important, just to make sure you're not getting drunk on your own Kool-Aid." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Listening to the feedback was the first step to rebranding. The second step for us was a process where we basically came out to the company and said, here are the reasons we're doing this." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "We gave ourselves about 90 days to execute the rebrand. Once you're a different company, the next day is about quickly logging into 50 digital properties across the web and changing your identity as well." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "We looked at changing our name to DNA. But the feedback was that we'd be mistaken for a healthcare or biosciences company. It would take a large spin, in terms of awareness and messaging, to overcome that." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "We thought about Revenue DNA instead of Ring DNA. And we still had some feedback, without prompting, saying that we sounded like a finance platform for bioscience companies." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Rebranding is a lot of work. You cant stop doing your regular job while doing it. So, getting people passionate and bought in on the idea is important." -William Tyree,, CMO

About the speaker

William Tyree


William is Chief Marketing Officer at

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