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William Tyree, Chief Marketing Officer of, continues discussions on maximizing your revenue. The walls between sales, marketing, and customer success teams continue to disappear. A new role is emerging, and Marketing Ops need to learn the relevant skills or face the risk of replacement by RevOps. Today, William examines whether Marketing Operations are dead or not.
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William Tyree


William is Chief Marketing Officer at

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  • 02:38
    How the Marketing Operations role is changing
    The role remains the same in terms of product-led, B2B SaaS companies and eCommerce. In B2B businesses where marketing works with sales, changes are happening fast.
  • 04:33
    Replacing Marketing Operations teams with RevOps teams
    The Marketing Ops role is complementary to RevOps. They benefit the entire business through the use of martech tools to gather relevant sales and customer success data.
  • 05:53
    How the Marketing Ops role differs from RevOps
    RevOps focus on creating insights, using AI, that benefit multiple groups. Marketing Ops focus on traditional marketing KPIs
  • 07:22
    Quality of leads
    RevOps takes a holistic approach to avoid routing leads to the wrong place. Whereas, marketing teams may not do all the necessary checks to ensure the same.
  • 09:00
    What companies are looking for in a RevOps
    Companies will be seeking out individuals with expertise across revenue operations. Marketing Ops will need to incorporate sales and revenue generation into their skillset to stay relevant.


  • "If you're a director of marketing operations in a product-led B2B SaaS company, or eCommerce, nothing changes in your world. Your title doesn't change." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Our research this year found that having a RevOps function across all sizes of businesses in B2B is now the norm." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "When you're talking about a B2B company where marketing works with human beings on the sales side, on a regular basis, we've seen it change really quickly." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "For the last 2 years, a full-time marketing ops person has been on my RevOps team. When things need to happen between different MarTech platforms, the whole team attacking it at once is really efficient." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Marketing Ops are attacking functions that are more like feedback loops between sales and customer success. But, they're able to move in an agile way that benefits the entire business." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Increasingly, we're seeing AI powered solutions get insights from previously unstructured data. The new frontier for RevOps is to get those insights, and feed them back into the machine." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Lead pick-up rate and lead follow-up rate, by channel and segment, are things that benefit multiple groups around the company. And that's something that a RevOps team would focus on." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "The great thing about RevOps is that it looks at things holistically to make sure that we dont have any leads getting routed to the wrong place, down the line." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "We're starting to see more people on the market who have experience using 3rd party data from platforms like 6sense, to weave into an ABM strategy." -William Tyree,, CMO

  • "Now that we're having expertise and a focus on aligning, and seeing how different things can work together to drive growth, that's where the market is going to change in 2 or 3 years." -William Tyree,, CMO

About the speaker

William Tyree


William is Chief Marketing Officer at

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